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Case Converter

The Case Converter can convert every string of text to lowercase, UPPERCASE, Title Case or Sentence case. Note: Sentence case is limited in that it capitalizes the first letter after every ". " "? " or "! ".

Case Converter Widget

Audio Calculator

Type in the tempo (BPM - Beats Per Minute) and this widget calculates the duration (in milliseconds) of a certain number of notes or beats. Perfect for manually setting delay/echo times or the frequency of an LFO.
The Audio Calculator also does the exact opposite. Say you have this little sampled loop, and would like to know the exact tempo (BPM)? Just type in the duration (milliseconds) and the number of notes/beats.

Audio Calculator Widget

Email Cloaker

Provides two methods to prevent spambots crawling your e-mail address. Both HTML and Javascript encoding offer some protection, but the latter should make it even harder for spambots.

Email Cloaker Widget

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