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What’s a wiki without wiki markup?5

Notes. Everyone has some of them, others have a lot of them. I’ve collected a fair share of random notes over the years, from article drafts to lists of favorite movies and stuff not to forget when going hiking. I’ve also tried and tested a fair share of tools to collect and organize them. I’ve tried text files in the Finder, notes in Mail.app, Yojimbo, and others. I needed a simple feature set, the ability to synchronize to other devices, a low price tag and preferably some easy to use syntax.

About a year ago I started to use PBwiki and found it to be quite fitting. It’s a pretty good web based wiki and it did the job. Yesterday I finally decided to migrate to the new and improved PBwiki 2.0. I have to admit it looks fresher and less cluttered. Yay! Unfortunately I was also faced with a WYSIWYG HTML toolbar. While there’s no doubt that these toolbars can be very useful, I usually turn them off. Especially on a wiki, right?

But I couldn’t find the switch. It was not possible. In PBwiki 1.0, one could easily switch to ‘classic mode’ and edit a wiki like a wiki. You know, with asterisks for lists, square brackets for links and so on. But when I wanted to make a link with this — I quote — improved editor, I’d have to:

  • select the text
  • click the ‘link’ button
  • wait for the lightbox style dialog to load
  • click the ‘ok’ button
  • wait for the dialog to disappear and the editor to update

To make matters worse, this editor disabled some system wide keyboard shortcuts and right-click menus, and it always preserved the formatting of copied text — what I virtually never want.

To cut a long story short, this is what their helpdesk replied:

Unfortunately, PBwiki 2.0 does not have a classic editor. If you’d like me to switch your wiki back to version 1.0, please just let me know.

So basically I should downgrade if I want my wiki to behave like a wiki. I call bullcrap.
Ergo, I’m back at square one looking for a decent tool to organize and collect my notes. Any suggestions?

Update: via the Get Satisfaction forums, I’m now told that they’ll be working on wiki markup soon, but don’t have an ETA.

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