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HTML 5 in a big nutshell – a presentation at Barcamp Gent6

I love Barcamp. Getting together with like-minded people, sharing knowledge in an informal setting, for free — well, who could not like that? I spent my saturday at the second edition in Gent, kickstarted by Johan Ronsse. After my talk about getting your frontend sorted together with Jurriaan Persyn at the fist edition, this time I decided to dig a little deeper in the HTML 5 specs.

Below are my slides (or you can check my presentation on Slideshare). They also include two cases that didn’t fit into the 20 minute timeframe, one about the local storage APIs and one about the new video element. I had a great time, and look forward to the next edition!

An overview of what’s new in HTML 5, presented at Barcamp Gent 2 (Nov 29, 2008).

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