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Back when I relaunched this site in June last year, I wanted to get a quick, simple design so I could start blogging right away. The trouble though was that its most remarkable feature was its absence of design. So I started working on a proper, well thought out layout that would better fit lensco.be. And here it is.

It’s still intentionally minimalistic and sober, but I took the time to implement some techniques I’ve researched and experimented with recently. A solid grid, strong vertical rhythm, a bit of styled content, CSS animations, rgba colors, HTML 5, better font stacks and embedded fonts – it’s all there. More on font-embedding soon, in a post about my presentation at Barcamp Antwerp.

It should render fine in modern browsers, but do let me know if you spot some irregularities. To get HTML 5 working in Firefox 2, I had to resort to serving HTML 5 as XHTML, but other than that things went pretty smooth. I hope you like it.

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