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Web design for right-to-left languages2

As I posted last month, yesterday we organised the very first Fronteers meetup in Belgium. Peter-Paul Koch was running a bit late, so I had the honor of delivering the first talk. Based on the positive feedback, I think it went down well. Here’s the story behind this presentation.

One day in the summer of 2008, my boss came to me and asked if I could have a quick look to check if our website (www.netlog.com) worked well in Arabic. At that time I had no idea I would eventually spend several weeks researching right-to-left web design, including all of its quirks, peculiarities and issues. Information was very scarce, scattered around dusty mailing list archives and obscure message boards. After I gathered as much resources as I could, I had the idea to start a collaborative platform that centralized all bits and pieces of information on right to left web development. I got pretty far, but ultimately had to abandon the project because I couldn’t invest the time it needed to survive.

Since then the information I pieced together has become partly outdated or irrelevant, but the gist of it still stands. It has always been my intention to share my research though, so this first Belgian Fronteers meetup – being all about sharing knowledge – was the perfect time to get started. As usual these slides are not really complete without the actual talk, but this will hopefully get you started.

Web design for right-to-left languages, presented at the first Fronteers meetup in Belgium, November 4th at Netlog, Gent.

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